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MAC Cosmetics' Recycle Program

Apparently the "Back To MAC" MAC Cosmetics recycle program that has made me a longtime customer isn't as well known as I thought! I was in the Nordstrom cosmetic department the other day and heard MAC artists continuously ask customers if they were familiar with the recycle program and repeatedly the answer was "no."

Besides the great products and trendy colors, the recycling program is one of the main reasons I buy MAC. Combined with their dedication to charities, good causes, and HIV research, how can anyone not get behind MAC?!

Ok, so here's the deal:

You buy MAC Cosmetics. You use up your MAC cosmetics. When you get to 6 empty plastic MAC containers, you bring then to your closest MAC counter, and you get a FREE lipstick! OR, instead of the department store MAC counter, you head over to a MAC store, and you can choose a lipstick or an eye shadow.

Pretty simple, right?!

So you get quality trendy awesome makeup from a company that helps a lot of people, you look beautiful, and you help the environment. So why aren't you out shopping yet? GO!