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Butter London's Horse Power Nail Fertilizer For Damaged Nails

chipped, short.... Help!
I mentioned in my last post that I took my acrylic nails off a few weeks ago after more than 10 years of artificial nail bliss...and artificial nail torture. I then tried Shellac which was not a good fit for me since by the next day it was chipping and my nails were breaking. In truth, I have to wonder if anything that has to be soaked in a toxic chemical like acetone to remove it is really something I want to use. It's a personal decision, but one that I think about more all the time.

Now I've started getting basic manicures, applying nail growth treatments, and watching my once attractive fingernails break down to uneven stubs on a daily basis while the acrylic damage continues to grow out. It's not a good a time and it's hard to feel pretty with chipped up broken nails. 

Today I spoke to someone at Butter London about some events they'll be doing over the holiday season, but also discussed my post-acrylic nail dilemma. If you don't know, Butter London is the nail polish available at Sephora, Ulta, and department stores such as Nordstrom, that expresses it's allegiance to Rock & Roll, Great Britain, and fashion. (Eeek--me too! I'm in LOVE! Too bad their corporate office is in Seattle or I'd be applying for a Marketing position today! :). They are also dedicated to using products that are free of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, etc., which has made them a hit on runways and with Hollywood celebs. The person I talked to removed her acrylic nails after 16 years of wearing them and started using Butter London's Horse Power Nail Fertilizer to get her through the difficult growing out, weak-nails period following the removal. She swears by it and told me I won't be disappointed if I try it.

Horse Power uses an herbal ingredient called "horsetail" to repair abused nails. In holistic medicine, horsetail is taken to treat osteoporosis and heal wounds, and it's added to some shampoos to strengthen hair, so it makes sense that when applied topically to nails it should increase strength and speed up nail growth. The product is applied every day for 7 days, then removed and repeated for 4 weeks until nails are healthy again. It can also be used as a basecoat with nail polish.

At $20 a bottle, half the price I used to pay for 1 acrylic fill or Shellac treatment, it seems like a bargain, especially if the end result will be long, strong, healthy, NATURAL nails.

I'm going to purchase a bottle and try it. I'll let you know how it goes. No sleep til Brooklyn.....or in this case, LONDON? ;) ....I WILL get back to beautiful nails! I WILL! Eventually......