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Makeup Testers

I've seen people do some pretty nasty things in cosmetic departments; cringe-worthy things.

I've watched women of ALL ages look around Nordstrom to see if anyone is watching (I am....) and when they think no one is, grab lipsticks that hundreds of people have touched and apply them directly to their lips without letting a beauty advisor clean them first.

I saw a woman in an Ulta store pick up a lipstick from the Benefit Cosmetics counter that had rolled on to the floor and was covered in dust bunnies, wipe off the fuzz with her hand and put the lipstick right on her mouth.

The amount of eye liners I've watched go on eye after eye after eye, without women even asking to have them cleaned makes me wonder how half the population doesn't have pink eye.

People. You're dirty. Plain and simple.

The next time you think about grabbing a makeup tester to apply to your face without letting a beauty advisor clean it with alcohol, consider this:

A study of cosmetic testers done by Jefferson Medical College showed that 100% of them tested positive for E.Coli (found in feces), Staph, Strep, or a combination of all. 

What this tells us is that someone was either sick, or used the restroom and didn't wash their hands, and stuck their germy fingers right into that sample you put on your mouth or on your eye.

Process that for a minute....

Ok, let's move on....

I personally have seen too much and I don't use testers. However, if you want to try a color, I suggest not applying it to your face. Wipe it with a tissue and apply it to the back of your hands (and wash them when you're done!). 

Even better, just buy the color and if you truly hate it when you get it home, bring it back, because there's nothing beautiful about getting sick from beauty products.