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Hair Product Bliss

I don't usually get excited about hair products, I rarely fall in love with them, and I don't share product information unless I think it's spectacular...well I've met 3 haircare products that are beyond amazing:

This product makes hair look thicker, but even better, due to patented technology created by MIT scientists (what?!?) it feels like there's no product on your hair, YET it bounces back into place through wind blowing, ponytail holders, sleep, etc. No stringy hair in need of brushing throughout the day, no ponytail crimps, nothing!

Add your own word for "fabulocity" here! ;)

(available online & at Sephora)

Makes split-ends a thing of the past by binding them back together! Yes, it actually seals split ends together and it lasts through a couple of washings.
This product repairs 92% of split ends--it actually heals your hair! It's like always having a fresh blow out--who doesn't want that? 


There's shampoo, conditioner, overnight treatment, and a heat spray as well, but I haven't tried those.

Weekly use for 15 minutes or longer on dried out, bleached, or color-treated hair makes it soft, shiny, and moisturized. It's THE BEST home deep conditioning treatment I've ever used.

My bleach-blonde locks drink it up! Nom nom nom.