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Get Your Helix On!

What the heck is a HELIX?!

The Helix is a new(ish) cardio machine that burns around 800 calories per hour!


Unlike the elliptical machine which moves leg muscles up and down/back and forth focusing mainly on the quads and hamstrings, the HELIX targets the core, quads, hamstrings, glutes, AND inner and outer thighs all at once by moving legs side to side in clockwise and counterclockwise motions!

Sure, people look a little crazy working out on this thing, but who cares when you're burning enough calories to actually enjoy dessert tonight AND toning up those impossible to reach inner and outer thighs?

My gym doesn't have any Helix machines yet, but I'm on a mission to find one for myself! Burn fat! Burn! ;)

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