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Raspberry Ketone Not For Me

Oh Dr. Oz. You let me down.....AGAIN.

So far nothing I've tried that Oprah's "poop doctor" has talked about has worked for me, but once again I got sucked in by one of his claims.

One day I tuned in to watch the "Dr. Oz Show"(ok...more like I DVR'ed it because I got sucked in by commercials for the "miracle weight loss supplement with no side effects" for a show I rarely watch! ;) and there was Dr. Oz and a guest talking about a "miracle" in a bottle that burns fat safely with no side effects whatsoever.

Dr. Oz included visuals of how the fat cells shrink by using balloons immersed in liquid nitrogen making them shrivel "just" like fat cells do when taking Raspberry Ketone. There were even photos of 2 people who lost significant weight while taking Raspberry Ketone.

"#1 Miracle in a bottle to burn your fat!" Dr. Oz told viewers.

He never mentioned a particular brand, so it didn't seem like product placement or a plug, so I trusted the information and OF COURSE placed an order! Well, me and everyone else on the planet it seems. I went to 5 health food stores and they were all out of it telling me everyone had see Oz's show. I looked online but couldn't find any store that still had 100% PURE raspberry ketone in stock.

Finally I pre-ordered a bottle of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Raspberry Ketones from GNC for $22, and I waited for it to arrive. And I waited...and waited...and waited.....until 1 month later there was a new supply of raspberry ketone distributed to stores across the country!

Dr. Oz's guest that day said to take 100-200 mg per day and that results would be seen anywhere from IMMEDIATELY to 5 days! (Hmmm....) The longer you take it, supposedly the better your results.

I workout, I eat decently, but I feel like I'm at the standstill where I need a little boost to lose weight, so I added raspberry ketone, 200 mg per day for 4 weeks before I gave up on it.

No change. None. Not a little. Not a half pound, not a half inch. Nothing at all.

No "miracles" here. Although I will say I do seem to have a tad bit more energy when taking it....maybe it's just in my head, or maybe it's real, but working out seems a little easier and I feel more alert. So I will give raspberry ketone that much credit.

I've decided to turn OFF my  DVR and skip Dr. Oz's show in the future. No more fooling me in to spending my money on unproven fads just because a guy is wearing scrubs. :/

Guess I'll just keep hitting the gym harder! ...and maybe a little Power Plate workout too?