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Shake It Up: Power Plate Workout

The Power Plate. 

Sounds like a giant serving at a Vegas buffet, but NOPE, it's an accelerated workout that pushes every muscle to the brink in just 30 minutes, boosting muscle activity up to 300%, IF you can handle it.

You have to expect a lot from a technology that was discovered by a Russian scientist and promoted by a Dutch Olympic trainer. So what exactly is this workout all about?

While standing on the Power Plate machine doing squats, tricep dips, push-ups and other toning exercises, a strong current is sent through your body causing reflexive contractions between 25 and 50 times per second! The theory (and science!) is that these vibrations increase muscle activity, which creates more calories burned and longer leaner muscles in a shorter amount of time than the same workout without Power Plate. The science behind the machine also reports it rebuilds bone mass, increases circulation, improves range of motion and decreases the appearance of cellulite. Hmmm...sounds too good to be true, but WOW if the claims are accurate!

So does it work?

I haven't tried this workout yet, but the science is there. Also Madonna, Elle MacPherson, Hilary Swank and Rachel Weisz are all reported as being devotees...if that's true, since Elle MacPherson never seems to age, I want in! ;)

I'm definitely going to find a Power Plate workout studio near me and give it a try----even if it ends up not giving the results it claims, an intense 30 minute strengthening workout is MUCH better on my schedule than a 90 minute less intense one!

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