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Drink Neuro?

There's a new feel-good beverage on the market called Neuro. The brand has 8 different flavors to promote, well....pretty much everything! Their website claims, "You've got a 24/7 lifestyle-- you need a 24/7 drink. Luckily, there's a Neuro for every mood and occasion." (Really Neuro? You got a drink for road rage? How about one for "These people are driving me nuts?" Maybe an "I'm on hold with customer service and they're stupid" beverage?).

All "24/7 occasion" flavors include: 

Trim: to slim down
Sport: with electorlytes
Bliss: eliminates stress
Aqua: from the world's cleanest water source
Sun: with vitamin D
Sleep: to help you catch some Zzzz's
Sonic: for better memory & alertness
Gasm: for well....ya know. ;)

All for 35 calories and 9 grams of sugar (a little high in sugar for my taste, but let's carry on....).

I decided to try a couple and see what Neuro is all about. First thing's first---some of the flavors contain something called "phosphatidylserine." A search showed that phosphadylserine is the inside of cell membranes, usually from bovine cortex (that's right, peeps, cow brain!!!). AWW HELL NO! BUT, further investigation showed that SOY is often used as an alternative. A tweet to the peeps over at Neuro confirm that their products use the SOY version. Phew, ok then, let's carry on with the taste test.

I tried SLEEP, and the next day BLISS.

Sleep tasted like watered down orange...like Tang when you were a kid. It was the equivalent to popping a Tylenol PM. The woman who never sleeps, got groggy and went to bed. I recommend it.

Bliss I tried the next day. It tasted like a watered down virgin pina colada with carbonation. I didn't feel anymore blissful, but I'm pretty damn happy already, so maybe that's why. ;)

I haven't tried the other flavors, but I plan to. Maybe TRIM will be the next one I try---it's supposed to have a special fiber in it that makes you feel full so you don't want to eat. I do think I just might make SLEEP my new friend on those insomnia nights when I have a lot to do the next day!

All and all, pretty good! I recommend giving them a try...but try to find them on sale, cuz $2.69 per bottle is kinda high, IMHO.

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