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I'm In Love: Sephora Atomic Volume Mascara

In a recent post I told you about my love of long eyelashes and mascara. Well, now I'm in love with a new mascara. Oh trust me, I try them all eventually-- looking for the next formula that will make my pale lashes become dark, thick and super long. Most disappoint or do an adequate job with several coats, but this one excited me from the first use!

Sephora Atomic Volume Mascara $15
On a visit to Sephora, I was given a sample of their Atomic Volume Ultra Black mascara. It's a nice formula that doesn't run down my face in humidity or leave little crumbs on my cheeks in the rain (Chicago has had enough rain lately that this really is important!) but comes off easily with eye makeup remover or facewash, plus it has nice firm plastic bristles on the applicator that really separate every lash. Most important, not only does this formula make lashes look thicker, but for me, it made them MUCH longer AND even gave them a bit of a curl--all with only 1 coat! One! I usually apply 3-4 and still don't get as much volume or length as this product!

After trying the sample for a couple of days, I went back to Sephora and bought a tube for $15. Well worth the money spent for bigger, accented eyes! This mascara ACTUALLY makes it look like I've added some individual artificial lashes!

Tomorrow I'm going to try to remember to take a picture of one eye with my usual favorite mascara, and the other with one coat of Sephora Atomic Volume Mascara and post the difference. In the meantime, take my word for it--you want to run out to Sephora and get a tube today!

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