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It Didn't Make You Love Me: Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 Perfume

Back in May I told you about a fragrance that's supposed to make people irresistible to the opposite sex: Escentric Molecules Molecule 01, featuring the ISO E Super molecule. (Doesn't sound any sexier than it did back in May, does it?)

The description on Lucky Scent's website, where the spray can be purchased, proclaimed, "The velvety woody note is highly sensitive to body chemistry and twists and turns as it evolves, enticing the wearer with an almost pheromone-like fascination."

The product sounded so oooh la la sexy, I ordered a sample to try it out! 

My order arrived a few days later.... 

You know those little spray samples of perfume that you get for FREE at department store perfume counters? The vials that are a little thinner than your pinky finger, but are filled all the way to the top of the container? That's what Lucky Scent mailed to me for $9 ($5 for the spray, $4 for shipping.).

BUT, the "bottle" wasn't even half full---it was maybe an 8th of the way filled; 3 tiny sprays-filled. For $9!! 

I've read that Iso E Super smells different to everyone, and some people can't detect it at all. 

To me, Molecule 01 smelled, yes, maybe a tiny bit woodsy, but more like the manufactured version of being out in the woods while rolling in damp dirt with some sort of floor cleaner that contains a hint of ammonia and a dirty cleaning rag that smells of mildew.  

Yeah...outdoors in the wilderness with dirt and mildew....

Not very attractive to me at all! 

Still, I decided to give Molecule 01 a chance, spray it on, and take it out in to the world to see if I got any proposals, or at least chatted up a little.

What I can say is that no one was any nicer to me than usual. No man chatted me up, no phone number requests, no nothing, but one of my guy friends did ask me if I was using a new air freshener plug-in at home and could I please unplug it because it was bothering him.... I didn't have any air freshener, so I'm thinking it just might be un-sexy ISO E Super.

On the other hand, I recently purchased a bottle of Coach "Poppy" perfume spray with hints of jasmine, gardenia, candied rose petal, fresh cucumber, and marshmallow, and constantly get asked by both men and women what I'm wearing!

...and this time, my guy friend didn't ask me to unplug an air freshener in my home, he asked me what smelled so good! 

So unless you like blowing money, or are looking to attract a grizzly bear in the wilderness, I'd recommend not ordering ripoff $9 3-tiny-spray samples from Lucky Scent (note to self, unsubscribe from their email mailing list...), skipping Molecule 01, and instead investing in a pretty scent of flowers and foods!   

I bet you'll have men falling at your feet in no time!

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