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Eye Shadow Colors: How To Choose

Someone asked me the other day how to know what color eye shadow they should wear. Personally, I believe you should wear whatever color makes you feel good; whatever color you think it pretty. I saw a girl wearing bumble-bee yellow eye shadow that some may think was ridiculous, but it looked great because she wore it with confidence, and what's sexier than confidence? Nothing!

Still, some people prefer a "rule" when it comes to color, so as my artist friends will tell you, colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel  make eye color really stand out. So, blue eyes pop with orange and peachy shades, and green eyes stand out with purples and pinks. Brown eyes are rarely just "brown" but have little bits of yellow, amber or orange so, since blue is across from them on the color wheel, blues really make brown eyes stand out.

There is no "rule" about eye shadow, but this is a nice place to start if you're uncomfortable playing with color right now. Personally, my baby-blues are happiest with peach alone or peach and violet together, silver metallic with a hint of charcoal gray accent, pink and purple combinations, bronze, and usually a hint of black-purple eyeliner, black liner on top lids, and as we discussed in my last post, thick coats of dark black mascara! Only the peach color sticks to the "rule," but as interior and graphic designers quickly learn, colors next to each other on the wheel ALSO complement each other!

See, no hard and fast rule with color. ;)

Life is short--- experiment and play! If you don't like what you choose today, try something else tomorrow!