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MAC Prep & Prime Transparent Finishing Powder: Airbrushing In A Compact!

It's rare that someone at a makeup counter will put something on my face and try to convince me that I see a difference in the mirror, and I ACTUALLY see a difference. It usually ends with me saying "Oh...yeah...." when all I'm thinking is "I look the same as 2 minutes ago."

MAC $23
So when I was in the MAC Cosmetics Store on the 19th in Indianapolis (where I waited an ungodly long time while other customers came in and I was overlooked and ignored, and they were helped despite me asking for help, and I nearly left to go to a department store counter instead--I'm calling you out Indy!!!) and picked up Prep & Prime Transparent Finishing Powder in a compact and asked the sales associate what it was all about, imagine my surprise when she took out her powder brush and applied it to one side of my face and I actually SAW a difference. I actually saw what looked like airbrushing of my skin! I was already wearing makeup when I went in and thought I looked pretty good. Then we added the finishing powder and I saw pores and flaws disappear even more.

So of course I threw that in with my 5 other MAC products. I'm a sucker for MAC and all it's pretty colors and applicators laid out to play with. Not to mention the sales associates wear a tool belt of makeup brushes--it's heavenly! :)

Don't let the white color scare you. Sure, I'm a pasty-white porcelain skin girl, but this powder doesn't have any color. It won't make your complexion any lighter or darker, it's just...invisible, except for the affects. It's meant for use as a finishing powder on top of all your completed makeup applications, not for color.

The closest product I can compare this to that I've used is Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder, which I do like (I like so many products in that brand!), but someone at Sephora once told me that product can't be formulated into a compact which is important to me for portability and storage, and frankly, although it doesn't sink into lines, I don't think it gives me the same airbrushed/photoshopped look that the MAC powder provides. (Sorry Makeup Forever--I DO love you!)

I recommend you go to your nearest MAC store, or the MAC counter at a department store and do the same test I did. Have them powder one side of your face while you watch in the mirror and SEE the difference. I guarantee you'll be sold. And let's face it, $23 for a compact is a whole lot less than buying Photoshop. ;)

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