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Sephora Atomic Volume Mascara: Picture Proof!

Yesterday I told you I'd try to take a picture of one eye with 3 coats of my regular favorite mascara, and the other eye with 1 coat of my new favorite mascara: Sephora Atomic Volume Mascara ($15).

Trying to take a picture of your own eye with a mobile phone macro lens is not an easy task! BUT, here's the (somewhat blurry) results that I think still gives you an idea of the difference:

THREE coats of my usual favorite mascara:

        ONE coat of Sephora Atomic Volume Mascara:
1 coat of Atomic Volume mascara

Big difference in darkness, thickness, and length on the Sephora eye!

The one thing I've noticed about the Sephora Atomic Volume mascara is that if you do want additional coats of the same mascara, you need to add them before the product dries because it makes lashes stiff and you won't be able to get a brush or comb through them very easily.

I pay $14.50 for my "usual" favorite mascara, and the Sephora product is $15. As I mentioned in a previous post, it washes off easily but stays on all day. Go check out a tube for yourself!

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