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Philosophy Miracle Worker AM Antioxidant Pads

I've told readers before that they should use an antioxidant product during the day to protect against pollution, smoke, and free radicals. The thing about antioxidant serums and lotions is that often you can't see them working, so some people write them off as something that "doesn't work." Antioxidants are like sunscreen when you wear it in the winter or when it's not sunny outside---based on published studies, you just have to trust that it's doing something for you. It's protecting you against wrinkles and pigmentation changes.

$58 for a 60-day supply
On a visit to Sephora, I asked the sales consultant, who was well over 50 and looked great, if there were any new antioxidant products out. The answer is YES! Philosophy has come out with Miracle Worker AM Antioxidant Pads containing HPA. I've tried to find out exactly what HPA is, but I can't find anything solid. What I have learned is that it has 6 times the antioxidant activity as vitamin C products, it doesn't have any dyes or synthetic fragrances, it's supposed to adhere to other molecules and help other antioxidants and products work better (that was from the associate at Sephora), it contains skin-rejuvenating/plumping peptides, and this antioxidant actually IS formulated to help reduce wrinkles and clear up mild pigmentation problems.

So of course I bought it. ;)

On first use, the product has a strange smell. Not bad, just noticeable, but it goes away when the product dries, so it's no big deal. You pour the bottle of liquid, which is similar to a dry oil, onto the jar of included pads to make sure you have a fresh product, and then wipe one on the face, neck and back of hands. It doesn't feel wet, although there is some shine when you first apply it. It dries and then the skin is ready to apply other products and makeup.

I've only been using Philosophy Miracle Worker AM Antioxidant Pads for a few days, so the only thing I can report is that my skin doesn't feel irritated,  although I do see some of my troubled areas becoming quite a bit pinker. It also goes on well under makeup, and doesn't cause any increased shine or oiliness.

Since it takes 4 weeks for skin cells to turnover and renew, I'll have to keep you posted if I see any difference, which hopefully I WILL!

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