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Keeping It Clean With Kiesque's Liquid Palisade!

wow--that's messy!
Ok, I admit it. I'm a sloppy nail painter. I get salon manicures, but I often do pedicures myself. My college roommate/longtime bestie used to laugh at me because I'd paint my toenails pretty much by painting all the skin around the nails. Hey, feet are far away, they're hard to reach!

It seems like messy manis and pedis will no longer be a problem thanks to Kiesque, a company that has created Liquid Palisade to protect the skin around nails while they're being painted with polish!

So, what is Liquid Palisade? Glad you asked! (otherwise, what would be the point of this blog entry? ;) It's a liquid that you apply around your cuticle and the skin around your nails, that dries to become a stretchy substance to protect against renegade nail painters like myself!

Basically, the liquid comes in a tube that looks like a mascara container with a little brush for an applicator. You paint the liquid on to the areas where you don't want polish, let it dry for a few minutes until it becomes a stretchy substance, paint your nails, let your polish dry, and then just peel off the Liquid Palisade. Voila! A manicure that looks as perfect as if a nail tech did it for you!

Best of all, you can even paint it ON your real or artificial nails if you're doing nail art and want some areas left without polish, or want to create the perfect French manicure! 

Liquid Palisade is $22 for a tube, and available on the Kiesque website. If you're allergic to latex, you shouldn't use Liquid Palisade, otherwise, go grab a tube and get to creating your own salon manicure/pedicure looks now!

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